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 Spider Man

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PostSubject: Spider Man   Spider Man Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2015 9:29 pm

Full name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Gender: Male
Nicknames/alias: Spider-Man, his superhero alias, along with other nicknames such as Webhead
Age/Birthday: High-School/College Age
Appearance (must be at least ten sentences): Peter is a young man/teenage boy. He has brown-ish hair that is usually messy, and he doesn't have a particular hairstyle. Peter has blue eyes. He is on the paler side, and is Caucasian. He needs glasses, or at least used to, prior to becoming Spider Man. He is tall and skinny at first, but later on becomes more muscular. (Spidey is extremely under-rated with his strength) He usually wears casual clothes, such as a white or blue t-shirt and jeans. When he is in Spidey mode, his costume is red and blue with white stripes across the blue part. He has a giant spider symbol on his chest. Peter's Spider Man costume's mask is red with the white lining. The eyes are made with sunglasses lenses.
Alliance (superhero or villain): Superhero
Secret identity, little known identity, or public identity: Little-known, MJ knows, Gwen did know before her death, among some of his enemies
DC or Marvel: Marvel
Why you deserve this canon character (minimum of five sentences): I am a very responsible RPer. I have been RPing for the past fourish years, maybe a little less. Spidey is my absolute favorite superhero of all time. I very much relate to him except the tragicish background. I admit to not reading many Spidey comics, but I've seen all five of the movies multiple times and I do very much background search on him.
Personality: Peter's personality has developed a bit from pre-Spider Man. He is a geeky and nerdy kid. Peter is very smart, but sometimes being Spider Man does get in the way of things. Peter has grown stronger from being the nerd. Of course physically, but also mentally. He's very protective of his friends and those he cares about. As Spider Man, he is constantly cracking jokes and is very comical. He isn't exactly a rule follower, as shown with his encounters with other superheroes. I could spend much more time elaborating, but I think we all get the idea.
Brief History/Story: Peter was born in Queens, NY. His parents abandoned him at a young age and he lived with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. When he was a teenager, he got the spider bite from a radioactive spider. It wasn't thought much of until his Uncle Ben died. Peter became Spider Man after that, using the words/phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" constantly as a motivation, one of the last things Uncle Ben said to him. He has lived through a couple tragedies, such as the death of his then-girlfriend Gwen Stacy.
RP Sample (minimum of ten sentences; required):
Peter was web-slinging through the city in his Spidey tights. He had just come home from school a while ago, greeting his Aunt May before telling her he was going to his room. He had been worried about his aunt ever since the death of his uncle Ben a while back. Peter was looking for crime, of course. There was that guy that had to rob a bank despite them never getting away with it. Peter landed when he saw a bunch of cop cars. He followed them until he saw the guy running- well, a guy he should say- with a bag full of...well probably something valuable. Peter web'd him up against the wall of a building. "Well, hey there. I don't think running from the cops is advisable, buddy. I'd rate that about a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 on unintelligence. Enjoy your jail cell. I heard they have no cell service there." He signaled the cops over.

"Thanks, Spidey!"

"No problem. No need to fear, your friendly neighborhood Spider Man is here!...What, I'm working on it!" he said before web-slinging away.
Notes: None

Mason Valley, SHIELD trainee~14 (Shapeshifting, invisibility, super speed) [Marvel Hero]
Spider Man (Peter Parker) [Marvel Hero]
Mind Man (Rogue James)~20 (Mind powers, super strength) [Marvel Villain]
(3 slots, 1 of those is a canon villain slot)
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PostSubject: Re: Spider Man   Spider Man Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2015 9:49 pm

Approved. Welcome Spider-Man.
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Spider Man
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