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PostSubject: Rules!   Rules! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2015 4:23 pm

General Rules

1.No cussing unless censored. Damn, hell and ass are acceptable.
2.Chatbox and posting content should remain PG-13, you're admins and moderators are watching.
3.All Forumotion rules must be followed.
4.The mentioning of harmful/illegal drugs besides cigarettes,E-Cigs and Vapor sticks is prohibited.
5.The admins understand that not everybody is going to be friends but keep arguments either offline or in the PMs.
6.Keep your personal information-name, state of origin, hometown- personal and don’t post about it here.
7.For character forms, use the edit button and post a comment saying you edited the content to avoid lengthy posts when only a few things changed.
9.We would appreciate it if you also didn’t advertise another RP site on here. If for some reason you wish to advertise, contacts Black Widow about becoming a possible sister site.


1.Characters must be approved before using them in a role-play.
2.Dont post in a private topic unless told you can OR invited.
3.You can only get approved for a mission by an Admin and they will watch over the topic.
4.No shorthand. Its the same as text language. U cnt post like this,k?
5.DC characters can only meet Marvel characters on a rare crossover mission, which are only won in mystery boxes.
6.No perfect characters, flaw make characters fun after all.
7.This goes along with number 2 but you cannot interrupt a quest unless otherwise noted by an Admin.
8.Admins will post as the “forbidden supers/villains” if they need to be included in a topic for some reason.


•First offense is a warning.

•Second offense is a warning with a one day chat box ban.

•Third offense is a chatbox ban of one week.

•Fourth offense is a one day ban from the site.

•Fifth offense is a one week ban from the site.

•Sixth offense is a permanent ban from the site.

I hope it doesn’t have to come down to a permanent ban on the site but we gave you enough chances previously and we shouldn’t have to keep reminding you of what you can and cannot say.

Difficult Super Heroes and Villains

These characters are semi-off limits for obvious reasons. Be it too much power or authority the admins feel that it wouldn’t be fair to have someone gain this canon character and rule the questing and fighting scene of the site. These people are as follows. For DC Nation: Superman One Million, Orion, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, Doctor Fate, Captain Marvel, Black Adam, The Phantom Stranger, and finally The Spectra. As far as Marvel characters that are forbidden we’ve had a hard time deciding what to allow and what to basically ban. For Marvel Universe: Deadpool, Silver Surfer, Sentry, Black Bolt, Scarlet Witch, Hercules, and finally little Franklin Richards. For all villains the following: Cyborg Superman, Doomsday, Onslaught, Imperiex Prime, Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, Apocalypse, Thantos, Amazo, and Galactus for obvious reasons.

Yes this list is slightly lengthy but in actuality it makes sense when you look at powers and limits. For example; The Spectra is basically the god of all super people in the DC comics because he can do anything he wants to at anytime without fail and simply needs to have a human host, which he can always get. And Franklin Richards, without even having his full powers as a child, can shape universes and alter the fabric of reality. Having people like this could cause problems in quests and even roleplays.

HOWEVER! Admins can give out a few “difficult characters” if they so chose. These reasons for getting a character include; following rules, being a good person on the site, helping admins when necessary, and on rare occasions winning them in a mystery box. The box ratio regarding this is going to be about a 1:20 ratio sometimes more. Also, if you can find a way to write a canon form where you go through and write out exactly how you would use their powers, and we expect great detail on this, we may allow these characters to become playable.

Black Widow-30-Agent of SHIELD-Marvel Hero
Mad Hatter-19-renegade-DC no alignment
(4 empty slots, 1 canon villain, 1 canon hero)
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