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 Dakota WIP

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PostSubject: Dakota WIP   Dakota WIP Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2015 10:41 pm

Full name: Dakota Daring
Gender: Male
Nicknames/alias: Eternity, Everywhere, Duplicator aka Duple
Age/Birthday: 34 at present time
Hair color(s): Blonde
Eye color(s): Brown
Skin tone: Pale white
Body type: Skinny, muscular
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 pounds
Body mod(s)(optional): -
Why they chose the life of a Hero(minimum of ten sentences, well developed): Dakota wanted to help people from a young age. He wanted to be a doctor originally, or a scientist. It really began when his sister died from cancer when she was eleven. He was nine. He always wanted to cure it. He did much research, using those from Oscorp, Stark Industries, basically anything he could find. He almost succeded. After injecting it in himself and studying his cancer cells for a few hours, he started to transform. Dakota created a few inventions to help him, such as his stopwatch. He loves to help without you know, blowing up the universe.
Secret identity, little known identity, or public identity: Public identity
DC or Marvel: Marvel
Canon characters that they know(must be explained in History): He knows basically all of the Marvel ones from one specific moment at time, at least
Personality(five sentence minimum): Dakota is hardworking. He is always trying to get things accomplished and while being helpful, for the most part doesn't pay attention to anyone but himself. More so, his work. Dakota is very polite but doesn't like to be bothered. He is extremely intelligent, maybe even surprassing those like Tony Stark.
Powers (maximum of two to start with; you can buy more in the Site Shop):
Duplication: Dakota can duplicate himself up to 9 times (total of 10 of himself) at a time. He has a watch he built in which to make all of his duplicates return and merge with him again, he presses certain buttons that only he knows. They all act and look exactly like him. They can't go more than 25 miles away from him.
Time Travel: Dakota is a time traveler and travels to all different times, very careful not to mess up anything, especially in the pass. Dakota doesn't really do much but observe in the pass. He had the ability to do this, but couldn't control it without the stopwatch he built, which controls what time he goes to. To everyone else who uses it it's a regular stopwatch. Dakota can't physically (time forces or something) tell someone about their/the future, but can speak in riddles or broken language. He can travel to up to 5 times to and from a day. (Ex: from present to future (1), back to past (2), back to further past (3), back to future (4), back to present (5))
Flaws (minimum of four):
-Too hard-working
-Not very focused on anything but his work
-Easily angered
-Bad insomnia
-Scared deathly of clowns
Hobbies and/or Talents:
Heritage (tell us a bit about their parents and such):
Place of Origin:
History (at least ten sentences):
RP Sample (at least five sentences):

Mason Valley, SHIELD trainee~14 (Shapeshifting, invisibility, super speed) [Marvel Hero]
Spider Man (Peter Parker) [Marvel Hero]
Mind Man (Rogue James)~20 (Mind powers, super strength) [Marvel Villain]
(3 slots, 1 of those is a canon villain slot)
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Dakota WIP
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