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Let your superheroes and villains rune free through the world as you set them on hair brained schemes and even make some worthwhile enemies and partners in action.
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PostSubject: Site Shop   Site Shop Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2015 5:35 pm

These are the things you can buy virtually. No IOUs or whining because you spend your money on a mystery box and didn't like what you got.
PM an admin to buy something and have your order in Blood Red so the admins know you visited the shop first.

Name change: $50

Mystery box: $250 each

Extra power (for user-made superheroes/villains): $350

Character slot (after six): $1,000

Canon character (you can buy a maximum of 2 of these): $5,000 ($6,000 if you're buying a character slot with it)

Sidekick: $10,000

League/Group for your hero/villain(ie. Suicide Squad, Justice League, Avengers, Sinister Six ect.): $15,000

Secret Lair(location must be explained in the PM): $30,000

Invincibility: $50,000 (one character per account, they can skill be injured but cannot die)

The sidekick you chose to purchase will be one you made up. Sidekicks have their own form that is posted with the rest of the forms. You can only have a sidekick if you buy the privilege but it can be taken from you if you disobey the rules repeatedly. Sidekicks have one minor power and must go through training of some kind prior to joining their hero/villain. The sidekick can also NOT be the main person fighting in a battle involving their hero/villain.

Mason Valley, SHIELD trainee~14 (Shapeshifting, invisibility, super speed) [Marvel Hero]
Spider Man (Peter Parker) [Marvel Hero]
Mind Man (Rogue James)~20 (Mind powers, super strength) [Marvel Villain]
(3 slots, 1 of those is a canon villain slot)
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