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Let your superheroes and villains rune free through the world as you set them on hair brained schemes and even make some worthwhile enemies and partners in action.
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 Everybody Wants to Real the World

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Mister Terrific
Mister Terrific

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PostSubject: Everybody Wants to Real the World   Everybody Wants to Real the World Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2015 4:04 pm

Mister Terrific

Michael Holt. Justice League. 3rd Smartness Man Alive

Mister Terrific has a strong leadership personality. Being the third smartness man in the world, he is a master of technology. He usually stays in the Watch Tower, scanning the Earth to make sure there aren't any threats. However, if there is one, he calls on his T-Mask to his fellow heroes to call upon them when trouble has been started.  

Justice League of Heroes
Love Interest(female): Yeah, good luck with that.
Close Colleagues/friends: Open




Derek Samero. Marvel. Energy Projection and Flight.

All around, Derek has a really positive attitude toward life. He's like by most people and unfortunately he is always in the friend zone. Derek tries not to let it get to him, but sometimes when he's alone, he feels like he's not good enough to have someone to have. Even though he feels that way on the inside, he makes sure to never let someone as he does.

Toward strangers, he is nice, making sure to smile at them. Although cautious, he is respectful and will help said stranger out anyway he can as long as it is in his moral compass. When with friends, he becomes more a social butterfly, loving being in the center of attention...or at least being off center. Now to those he has an attraction to, his more timid and tries his best to make small talk. That usually consists of "uhm", "yeah", "that's cool", "same" and so many others. To his family, he is still in the closet and doesn't see himself coming out to them for a very long time.

When he's in his hero mode, Dynamo is serious and doesn't take anything lightly.

The X-Men
Love Interest (male)- Open
Hero Friends- Spiderman


Mister Terrific, DC

Made Up Character(s):
Dynamo, Energy Projection and Flight- Marvel
Doctor Blood, Blood Magic- DC
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Everybody Wants to Real the World
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