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Let your superheroes and villains rune free through the world as you set them on hair brained schemes and even make some worthwhile enemies and partners in action.
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 Mystique WIP

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Mister Terrific
Mister Terrific

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PostSubject: Mystique WIP   Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:09 am

Full name:
Appearance (must be at least five sentences):
Alliance (superhero or villain):
Secret identity, little known identity, or public identity:
DC or Marvel:
Why you deserve this canon character (minimum of five sentences):
Brief History/Story:
RP Sample (minimum of ten sentences; required):

Mister Terrific, DC

Made Up Character(s):
Dynamo, Energy Projection and Flight- Marvel
Doctor Blood, Blood Magic- DC
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Mystique WIP
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