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 Mind Man

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PostSubject: Mind Man   Mind Man Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2015 9:58 am

Full name: Rogue James
Gender: Male
Nicknames/alias: "Mind Man"
Age/Birthday: 20//August 11th, 1995
Appearance(must be at least five sentences, pictures are always welcome): Rogue is tall and muscular. He is about 6'2" and very strong. His eyes are brown, and he has average length black hair. He is African American/black. Rogue usually wears a white t-shirt and jeans, along with tennis shoes, in public. In reality, he is/was rich from his family, so he tried to hide it. Rogue has a belt holding things similar to what Batman has, because he can't fly or anything. When being villain-y, he usually wears all black and a trenchcoat and hat similar to Doc Ock's.  
Secret identity, little known identity, public identity or none: Secret-identity to everyone but Dynamo
DC or Marvel: Marvel
Canon characters that they know(must be explained in History): X-Men, Dynamo (non-canon Green's char), Spider-Man, Doc Ock
Personality(five sentence minimum): Rogue has completely changed. When he was in Xavier's, he was cool, calm, and the popular guy. He would flirt with all of the girls there and get a lot of them. Rogue was also very nice and willing to help. Then, Dynamo outshined him later on in the Academy and as a superhero. This caused jealous rage. Rogue wanted to be the best superhero, the one that everyone liked. His then-best friend Dynamo didn't know, but, Rogue was planning on killing him. After he was dead, he was going to take over, but that's a different story. Anyway, he became mean, untrustworthy, and vicious and vengeful. Rogue is very intelligent leading to him tricking very many people and maybe taking over a mind or two.
Powers (maximum of two to start with; you can buy more in the Site Shop):
Mind Manipulation/Reader/Control- Rogue can enter someone's mind and see everything. Memories, thoughts, hopes, dreams. He can basically hack into somebody's mind and torture them. Rogue can also control someone's mind and make them do what he wants for a short amount of time. I must have permission from the other RPer. It can be resisted, but it's very difficult.
Super Strength-  Rogue can lift up/throw to 10,000,000 pounds normally, and up to 100,000,000 with difficulity. After 100,000,000, it takes major energy for him to do so. use this as a reference and also if this seems big to you just remember Superman. Superman can lift 200 quintillion tons. Just sayin'.
Flaws (minimum of four): Vengeful, easily angered, easily jealous, secretly insecure, scared of failing
Hobbies and/or Talents: Extremely strong, robbing banks to buy gadgets, has even stole off of Stark Industries a few times, being sneaky
Heritage (tell us a bit about their parents and such): Daniel and Ella James, both mutants
Place of Origin: Chicago, IL
History (at least ten sentences): Rogue lived in Chicago with his parents. His parents were mutants, as was he, and they knew he was going to go to Xavier's one day. Rogue was very popular in school. He literally had at least ten girlfriends by the seventh grade. When he was 13, he went to Xavier's. His parents, already knowing, allowed him to be there. Rogue was trained and such. 2 years later came along Dynamo, aka Derek. They were good friends until Derek started to become more popular. Then he became a better superhero. By the time Derek had left, Rogue swore vengeance. Rogue's plan was to kill him by mind-controlling him and making him go suicide, but that didn't work well. Dynamo beat him. Rogue escaped from jail later on, and became "Mind Man," a very feared villain. Rogue has ran across the X-Men once, and Spidey a few times. He has also teamed with Doc Ock before to create machines. However, Spidey foiled their plans. Rogue is still Mind Man right now.
Why did they choose a life of crime(Minimum of ten sentences, well developed): Rogue chose a life of crime after being defeated by Dynamo. At first, he was going to be an excellent superhero. He was going to save lots of people and hoped to be the most popular. He wasn't even known as a villain until after he tried to kill Dynamo. Rogue now wants not only revenge on him, but revenge on the X-Men and Xavier's for letting Dynamo pass him up, Spidey for stopping him many times, as well as any other superhero that gets in his way. He lives on the feeling on revenge. 90% of his villain acts are revenge. Rogue has become a horrible person because of this. His life of crime is nothing but vengeance. And he isn't forgiving.
RP Sample (at least five sentences): Rogue was on top of a rooftop. He was staring at the people below him. He put on a grin, going doing the building with one of his gadgets that he built from his belt. Rogue looked at one of them. Party time.

Mason Valley, SHIELD trainee~14 (Shapeshifting, invisibility, super speed) [Marvel Hero]
Spider Man (Peter Parker) [Marvel Hero]
Mind Man (Rogue James)~20 (Mind powers, super strength) [Marvel Villain]
(3 slots, 1 of those is a canon villain slot)
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PostSubject: Re: Mind Man   Mind Man Icon_minitimeWed Aug 12, 2015 7:58 pm

-I'm ok with the entering the minds of people and all but I don't think knowing everything about someone is necessarily going to fly. It's way too OP even for a mutant. Charles Xavier can look into the minds of others but it takes a lot of focus and hes beendoing it for ages. Please change this power's abilities.

-Along that note please change how well he can control the person's actions. I ppreciate you having to have permission from the recepiant but like i said earlier; Xavier can do this but hes been at it for ages and it takes a lot of focus. From Mind Man's personality it sees hard and nearly impossible for him to do so.

-Lower the weight he can hold/throw too. I looked at the list and for a man of his age that is too much. You can have it to where he can lift 10,000-100,000 pounds for now but can include how you are learning to lift more and all.

-Do you have permission from Green to allow the almost death of his hero?
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Mind Man
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